Richard (Mr.Right for Me!) & Marcy Ann (2008)


Marcy Ann & Richard (Mr.Right for Me!) (2014)

Marcy Ann and her 3 children:

Margie lives in Omaha. She is the Manager of an auto parts store.  David has been married 25 years and lives in St. Louis. He is Operations Manager for Mayflower Moving Company, a division of United Moving & Storage. Beverly has been married 35 years and lives in Dallas. She is a high school  teacher and does weddings on the weekend.

Marcy Ann and her 4 grandchildren -

Aaron, Allie, Marcy Ann, Elizabeth & Jessica

My book is dedicated to my granddaughters! 

After 8 years in the U.S. Air Force, Aaron is now a sophomore at Occidental College in Pasadena, CA. Allie is working as a Security Guard at Ameritech and pursues her love of horses by teaching kids how to ride from her experience of riding since she was 5 years old. Elizabeth is married and lives with her husband and her 5 year old daughter in Williams, Az. And Jessica lives in San Francisco and works for Freeman Decorating as an electrical supervisor.


       Hi, I am Marcy Ann, Professional Wedding Officiant in California.  

  I have helped more than  2,000 couples realize their deepest desires for their wedding. as I have provided wedding services as a professional officiating minister in Orange County, California for the past fourteen years(2008).  I have heard all of their wonderful love stories, and I share many of them in my book. My brides have told me what has happened in the past, and what they are looking forward to now.  I can tell you what they say works, and what they say doesn't work.  And I can give you so many ideas from my own personal experience being a single person along with the  wisdom of THE MANY who have crossed my path.  I have been a single mother, raising three children, living through seemingly endless days with no one to talk to except children who only want their needs met. I have been through desperation. I have been scared to death.  I have worked day and night to pay the bills.  Then, I found my own personal divine path, and now I have fulfilled all of my impossible dreams, my fondest hopes and my deepest desires!  I am ready to help you fulfill yours.  

 I have done all of the seventeen things I recommend to you to help get you on that right path where Mr. Right will be waiting for you!   Let's take this journey together.  I will be there with you every step of the way,. When you are Ms Right and you have found Mr. Right, you might want to come to California, and I will marry you to Mr. Right right at the beach!


                       Let me help you get to this ecstatic moment!   Photo by

  ...Stop wasting time with Mr. Wrong and prepare yourself to find Mr. Right.

       ...Mr. Wrong will NEVER be Mr. Right!

       ...Now is the time to say goodbye to Mr. Wrong right now!

       ...You won't meet Mr. RIGHT until you become MISS RIGHT.

      ...To find Mr. Right, look inside of yourself, not in front of yourself.

      ...Let yourself be able to attract and recognize Mr. Right

      ...Get out of the single's bars and off the internet.

      ...MR. RIGHT is waiting for you on your personal divine path.


Can you see yourself in this picture?   Photo by Marcy Ann at Laguna Beach, California May, 2000                                    

My book will help you explore universal principles along a journey to becoming the best version of you.  You will learn that to FIND MR. RIGHT, you must be able to attract Mr. Right, and before you can attract Mr. Right, you must be the right person yourself.  You will be doing worksheets and exploring what you want and what you don't want.  You will find out what is important to you and what isn't important to you. 

You will also enjoy insight into the history and traditions of marriage to help you plan for your Wedding Day. You will want the day to be perfect when you marry Mr. Right.

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