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Stop wasting time with Mr. Wrong and prepare yourself to Find Mr. Right!

Mr. Wrong will never become Mr. Right.

Now is the time to say goodbye to Mr. Rightnow.

Empower yourself to be able to attract and recognize Mr. Right.

Mr. Right is waiting for you on your path of becoming Ms. Right.

In my book, you will explore universal principles along a journey to becoming the best version of YOU~!  You will find Mr. Right when you are Ms. Right!

What do you REALLY want when you say you want to be married? What do you want in a life partner? 

Are you on the right path where Mr. Right is, or are you on a detour, heading for a dead end?  

What have other single girls found out about what works and what doesn't work in the dating game? 

What is your dream wedding like? 

 What specific things can you do right now = TODAY =  to "get ready for Mr. Right?"   I will help you answer ALL of these questions, and more, in my book. 





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Seventeen Things To Do

While Waiting For Mr. Right 

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The Single Girl's Handbook for

The 21st Century Bride-To-Be Book

By Marcy Ann Cheek 

Hi, I am Marcy Ann, and  I am a non-denominational professional Wedding Officiant in California who has talked to l,000's of single girls, and I have married OVER 2,000 couples (2008).    All of us need and desire to love and to be loved.  And the highest form of love between a man and a woman is in a monogomous relationship where neither one has any desire to be with anyone else.   Mr. Right really wants to get married, too, so let's get you on that path where Mr. Right is waiting for you and will ask you to marry him.   My book is called Seventeen Things To Do While Waiting For Mr. Right, the Single Girl's Handbook for the 21st Century Bride-To-Be! A long title? Yes, BUT my book is short and to the point, easy to read and full of information to help you become Ms. Right so you can find Mr. Right! 


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Seventeen Things To Do

While Waiting For Mr. Right 

The Single Girl's Handbook for

The 21st Century Bride-To-Be Book

By Wedding Officiant Marcy Ann Cheek



get out of the single's bars,

get off the internet,

start becoming Ms. Right


Mr. Right will be right there -

right in front of you.   


Marcy Ann 

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